Accelerated Executive Coaching

  • Custom Fit and Fast– Accelerated Executive Coaching yields quicker, tangible results because we tailor it to the actual needs of the leader being coached – NOT a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Proof Positive – our coaching process is grounded in driving real results with measurable accountabilities so the coaching stays on track and in alignment with your desired outcomes. 
  • Seasoned Veterans – all PFG-Certified Executive Coaches are credentialed masters of their trade with deep experience in business and life.
  • Hit the Ground Running – we are ready to start the Accelerated Executive Coaching process for you and your Leadership Team as soon as you say go - no red tape or lengthy procedures to get the ball rolling. 


TPT: Building Top-Performing Teams

  • Road Map to Team Success – take your team to the next level with our proprietary TPT experience and learn how to apply tools for building a Top-Performing Team. 
  • Experiential Action Learning – our customized Building Top-Performing Teams program is a highly interactive, engaging, practical, and hands-on approach to driving business execution through collaboration and teamwork.
  • Take Inventory – as a team, you'll determine where you're at and where you're headed by leveraging your wins and opportunities. 
  • Expectations Alignment – a key TPT program takeaway is developing your own Team Operating Guidelines to gain agreement on what you expect of each other and how you’ll hold each other accountable.


The ENGAGE Leadership Development Experience

  • All about Engagement – to have engaged employees, you need to have engaging leaders – our time-tested ENGAGE Model and Engaging Leader Questionnaire are at the core of our leadership development programs.
  • Best in the Business – we’ve set the gold standard in leadership development for over 25 years, providing a world-class customized and interactive action-learning experience that your leaders will never forget.
  • Boots on the Ground – right out of the gate we make it a priority to get to know your business and unique leadership culture through field visits, stakeholder interviews, and targeted observation.
  • Rooted in ROI – our ENGAGE leadership development process delivers immediate application and measurable results so that you get a tangible return on investment. 


"6 for Success" New Leader Assimilation

The 6-step New Leader Assimilation process drives team engagement and buy-in before, during, and after the session through structured stakeholder input and interaction. Objectives include:

  • Gain a clear understanding of how leader likes to lead, and how team likes to be led.
  • Develop “Team Operating Guidelines” – mutually agreed upon expectations and accountabilities.
  • Build greater team trust and respect via open, honest dialogue and use of team engagement tools.
  • Create a stronger platform for business execution and alignment as a high performing team.